Queue Messages

Here is the standard message definition for a relevant customer queue that can be parsed to fetch out the information like customers, actions, messages, and operational dates.

Parcels Status Queue

Queue Sample Name: Parcels_Status_Queue_Prod_0a2b38f1-44e4-11e9-9ed6-0a24491b68de

  "updatedDate":"Tue Apr 12 11:19:41 UTC 2022",
  "message":"The set status has been updated",

Document Status

The Parcels Status Queue will have additional information about the documents appended to the shipment. This information will only be visible when the APPROVE_COLLAB action applies only to DocHub. Here is what the JSON looks like.

  "shipmentReference": "Shipment 1",
  "instance": "DocHub",
  "newStatus": "DRAFTED",
  "parcelReference": "P1",
  "documents": [
      "documentDate": "2018-05-21 15:03:06.661",
      "documentId": "213feede-4421-11e9-9854-9cb6d0ecd454",
      "documentStatus": "Collaborating",
      "documentLocked": false,
      "documentName": "Bill of Exchange"
      "documentDate": "2018-05-21 15:03:06.661",
      "documentId": "213fef68-4421-11e9-9854-9cb6d0ecd454",
      "documentStatus": "To be finalised",
      "documentLocked": false,
      "documentName": "Certificate Instructions"
  "customerId": "28377d11-3f2d-11e9-96a8-9cb6d0ecd454",
  "action": "APPROVE_COLLAB",
  "setId": "ed98e69f-23db-11e9-9cad-9cb6d0ecd454",
  "updatedDate": "Fri Mar 17 17:26:20 GMT 2023",
  "message": "The set status has been updated",
  "user": "zBhpUser1",
  "transactionId": "7c1bfdc8-4421-11e9-9854-9cb6d0ecd454"

The documents array consists of an object that provides all the appended documents against shipment during APPROVE_COLLAB action.

  • documentDate: Date-Time field indicating the stamp when the document was uploaded.
  • documentId: essDOCS generated document ID.
  • documentStatus: Indicates current document status.
  • documentLocked: Boolean indicator to verify if the document is locked. The document is locked if other users are using it.
  • documentName: Document name set during the uploading process.

Queue Parameter Description

Queue Response ParameterDescription
customerIdCustomer unique id who is the sender.
actionThe action related to the parcel. This can be one of the actions as available in Available Actions.
messageCustom message set over the package.
updatedDateLast package transition date.
parcelReferenceSystem reference number for the parcel.
userUser details who last operated over the parcel.
transactionIdUnique transaction id generated by the system.
setIdThe unique parcel id.
newStatusCurrent parcel status.
instanceessDocs application instance to track down the parcel. e.g. DocHub, DocEx, etc