Exchange Title Docs

A digital process for transfering or presenting original title documents (previously called DocEx)

CargoDocs follows best-paper processes for managing original export/shipping documents through the trade chain. An example process is below.


CargoDocs combines title, quality, condition, location, and other key data to reduce risk and improve visibility and control. Key electronic documents covered include bills of lading, warehouse warrants, certificates of origin, commercial invoices, inspector's certificates, and much more. CargoDocs enables holders or the original electronic bill of lading to undertake the actions as per paper such as:

  • Return* to the previous party, if sent by mistake or if not acceptable
  • Transfer to their buyer
  • Present to a bank, under eUCP letter of credit, eURC doc collection, etc.
  • Surrender to the carrier to receive the cargo/container
  • Request Amendment to or Split an eBoL or Void an eBoL
  • Convert to Paper